Basic Quantum Workflow

  • You need to expect when beginning to create a quantum application using a raw SDK provided by the quantum hardware vendors.
  • Quantum computing demands deep knowledge of the quantum mechanics and mathematics that drive computing.
  • To program quantum processors (QPUs), it requires that experts can manage the QPU’s qubits configuration, behaviours and overall operations.
  • This is a significant investment in time and human resources.

Quantum Workflow (RAW SDK)

Our Quantum APIs

  • Based on some known quantum algorithms, we will build a list of application APIs
  • These APIs mask all complexity in quantum algorithms.
  • The users can get started with real-world quantum applications in a week using our cloud-based resources.
  • The complicated tasks are embedded in our system
QubitSci Workflow

Quantum Scientia API vs Raw SDK

QubitSci API vs SDK