A large part of finance is about optimization, and here quantum computing can play a big role. We can look forward to faster and faster trades and better and better risk management of complex portfolios.

  • Quantum Algorithms to select stocks for a portfolio have been developed.
  • We can expect faster Monte Carlo simulation with Quantum Computers
  • Option Pricing for complicated derivatives will gain in terms of speed by using Quantum Computers

From risk management to portfolio selection to option pricing, quantum computers can help you optimize better and faster.

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Resource Utilization

Job scheduling or resource utilization optimization is a challenge that many large organizations face. Quantum computing can enhance your optimization effort

  • Greatly reduced time to undertake optimization
  • You can be confident in the optimality of the result
  • Tailor made Quantum Algorithms available

From hospitals to government departments, there are great needs for maximizing the performance of resources. Traditionally, this is a hard problem for computers. It is hard no more with the advent of Quantum Computing.

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Logistics & Retail

The logistics and retail industry have long faced the problem of efficiently distributing packages. Quantum Computing once again offers the chance of increasing efficiency.

  • Quantum Algorithms exist to provide faster solutions to fitting packages in a container
  • Quantum Computer provides speedier optimization of delivery route planning

Industry giants have already dipped their toes into the use of Quantum Computers to speed up and save costs. You can too.

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It will take classical computers several decades to crack a RSA code, but only a matter of hours for a quantum computer.

  • RSA code will no longer be safe in the age of Quantum Computing
  • The future of secure communications belong to Quantum Communication
  • Likewise, cybersecurity will move on to Quantum encryption
  • With Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity will move to the next stage. This has implications for industries like banking, online shopping, privacy and more.

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    Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

    Tasks that have been traditionally hard for classical computers will gain in leaps in terms of efficiency by using Quantum Computers

    • Quantum Computers are good tool for complex molecular modelling

    The speed and ease of drug discovery will increase with the application of Quantum Computing

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    The Road Ahead to Quantum

    Currently, quantum hardware are still too error-prone. The majority of quantum hardware do not provide sufficient number of qubits.

    Download our roadmap and see how we can prepare you for exploiting the coming explosion of practical quantum computer hardware.

    Download RoadMap
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